Why You Only Wear A Small Portion Of Your Clothes

Unless you're someone who consciously makes an effort to wear something different every day, you'll probably find you wear the same clothes repeatedly. If you're a little confused at this phenomenon, you'll be interested to know why you only really wear a small percentage of your clothes and the reasons behind it, as told by an expert. Because I'm sure I'm not the only person in the world who's baffled by this attire related reality, yet continues to wear the same threads over and over again.

Although, having a smaller closet in general is seen as a key part of being a minimalist. People who lead a minimal lifestyle put emphasis on experiences and receive more pleasure from owning fewer items that they adore, rather than amassing a vast collection of belongings they rarely use, which might weigh down their free-spirited lifestyles. The idea of being unencumbered by things, being able to pack all your belongings up into a suitcase, and jet off whenever you feel certainly has an appeal to it.

However, folks out there who class themselves as maximalists when it comes to fashion, whose motto is, "More is more," might be wondering why you're not making the most out of your amazing wardrobe. So I spoke to GoodLooks fashion stylist Ali Call to find out why people only wear a small percentage of the items in their closets.

Call tells me one of the biggest reasons people only wear a small percentage of clothes from their closets is: Habit. Call says, “Human beings are creatures of habit and gravitate toward easy ‘go-to’ pieces. Choosing the pieces that are easiest to wear and pair allow us to stay within our comfort zone.” If you’re wanting to break the mould and wear more pieces from your wardrobe more often, make sure you don’t go into auto-pilot when picking your outfits and break out of your comfort zone.

Something else that may stand in the way of you getting the most wear out of your wardrobe is time restrictions. Call says, “We are living in a fast paced world and with so many variables at play, an easy solution is to quickly choose from something paired with success at an earlier date.” She explains, “These pieces become the wardrobe front-runners because they have a proven track record.” Try experimenting with different combos when you have more time on your hands, so when it comes to days when you’re stuck for time, you’ll have way more outfits to choose from.

“Often times, it is the clothing at the top of the pile or front of the closet that gets chosen first due to lack of organization,” Call tells me. “Streamlining your wardrobe to eliminate the white noise can be a great way to improve accessibility and combat overcrowding.” If you find you’re always reaching for the same pieces because they’re conveniently located, you may want to declutter your wardrobe and ensure that all of your clothes are within easy reach.

Take note of Call's advice; stay focused when choosing outfits, experiment with what you already have, and make some tweaks to your closet. You might feel like you've got a whole new wardrobe by the time you're done!

Images: Brooke Cagle (2), Maja Karlsson (1), Alvin Mahmudov (1) /Unsplash