Kylie Cosmetics’ Mini Matte Lip Kit Sold Out Fast

In case you missed it, the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Bundle went on sale again today with a few items from the collection selling individually. The Kylie Cosmetics' Mini Matte Lip Kit was one of the items that were sold separately from the bundle, but I've got some sad news. Those of you who were hoping to get another chance to buy the mini matte kit missed your opportunity — it is already sold out.

Like a majority of the Kylie Cosmetics restocks, today was no different with the birthday bundle and the mini matte kit selling out within minutes. The birthday bundle sold for $195 and the mini matte kit was $36. The Kylie creme eye shadows also went on sale individually during the restock and surprisingly, the creme shadows are still available on the site for $20 each in both the rose gold and copper (as of press time).

I'm just hoping Kylie Jenner will decide to release the birthday bundle once again because the mini mattes are just too pretty not to have — and you can't forget about that limited edition gold packaging! Make sure to follow Jenner's Snapchat account to hear about any restock news first.

I have a good feeling about these favorites making another restock appearance soon. I'm not the only one who loved it!

Fingers crossed for another restock, guys!

Images: kyliecosmetics/Instagram