Grab Your Tissues, Kylie Birthday Bundle Lovers

Kylie Cosmetics' Birthday Collection came back for its last and final restock on Wednesday. With the high demand that caused Kylie Jenner to do the restock, it seems as though tons of fans wanted to snag the products. However, the Kylie Cosmetics' Birthday Bundle is sold out. If you were looking to grab the whole thing and not just an individual creme shadow or a bronze Kyliner kit, you're kind of out of luck. This birthday collection restock was the brand's final go, according to Jenner's Snapchat.

Inside the Birthday Bundle, fans could find a new limited edition burgundy lip kit, golden metal matte and gloss, two creme shadows, a bronze Kyliner, a collection of mini mattes, and the Kylie Cosmetics makeup bag. For some of these beauties, it seems as though Jenner didn't restock them in their individual forms — like the burgundy Leo lip kit — meaning that fans needed to purchase the entire bundle to snag these products. It appears as though, they didn't mind.

Within half an hour of the restock, the Birthday Collection bundle was completely sold out. It's honestly not surprising if you think about it. While Jenner did restock the incredibly popular KyShadow palette, the Birthday Collection was believed to be gone for good, unlike the palette. Clearly, that made fans jump at the chance to snag it.

If you were hoping to snag the Birthday Bundle, you weren't the only one.

At least (as of press time) the creme eyeshadows, her Kyshadow bronze palette, and her newest matte lip kits are still available. Positive thinking, guys!