Funny 'Stranger Things' Halloween Costumes

by Chrissa Hardy

The whole of 2016 has been an ongoing painful nightmare for many, so it's time we had some laughs. And, the best thing to come out of 2016? Obviously, Netflix's Stranger Things, with its lovable characters and addicting twists and turns. I know it might not seem like a show that garners a lot of laughs — I mean, it's about a terrifying monster in an alternate dimension — but there are definitely funny things about it. So, for Halloween, make the world a better place by rocking a funny Stranger Things costume that will put a smile on every fan's face, while leaving clueless mouth-breathers wonderfully confused (as they should be) and perhaps even compelled to marathon this insanely good show.

Some of the costume ideas below are simply the show's characters as themselves (in all of their hilarious glory), as they would be now, or mixed with something (or someone) that becomes an entirely different creature. A couple of them even include snacks to keep your hanger at bay all night long. And, even if nobody else finds them funny but you, at least you'll be happy. That's all that matters anyway. Plus, I guarantee that the true Stranger Things fans will get it, enjoy it, and probably praise you for your efforts.

So, that in mind, here are seven funny Stranger Things Halloween costumes that the world needs right now.

1. Demmy Downer (Aka Demogorgon Downer)

In Dungeons & Dragons, the Demogorgon is pretty much the most terrifying demon monster prince ever. Sounds like the stress of holding a powerful position in the game has turned him into a real jerk! That's why Mike and co. chose its name to call the terrifying monster from the Upside Down. Being a demon prince, you can just imagine that even in his inner monster circle, he's probably always complaining, and has probably had everything handed to him, which could cause him to see every situation as glass half-empty. So lean into that assumption and make him a ho-hum monster from the Upside Down. He's a lot less intimidating that way, don't you think?

What You'll Need:

2. Zombie Barb

Poor Barb. She was taken from us far too soon. So, why not give her some new life? Make Barb a zombie, and thus, make her live on forever.

What You'll Need:

3. Messages From The Wall

Gotta love that twinkly wall in Joyce's house. It was just your average, bland, wallpapered wall at first — but, after Will was taken, it became an unforgettable message portal to help Joyce save her son. Throw on a yellow shirt with the alphabet written on it in black marker, add some colored Christmas lights, and there you have it! To take it a step further, you should also pass out messages from the wall... mostly just because it's fun to see people's reactions upon receiving a weird and scary message from someone dressed as a wall.

What You'll Need:

  • Style Co Yellow Top, $13, Macy's
  • Christmas Home Decor, $2, Kirkland's
  • Sharpie Permanent Marker Fine Point Black, $1, Jet Pens
  • Ominous messages written on paper to pass around and freak people out.

4. Eleven Eating Eggos

There are a million reasons to dress up as Eleven: she's a badass boss, and she protects her friends by giving their enemies the evil eye (and also by making them wet themselves). But, the best part about Eleven is how relatable she is with her food choices. She loves fries, candy, and ice cream, of course, but nothing tops her passion for waffles. If you choose to rock the signature Eleven look, make it real by maintaining eye contact with people as you munch on waffles the entire night.

What You'll Need:

5. When Troy Meets Karma

Remember Troy? Probably not, because he was a wretched bully who always gave the boys a hard time. His only notable moment was when Eleven made him wet himself in front of the entire school. Yeah, that's Troy. Choosing to go as Troy — wet pants and all — is a unique way to send a message that bullies suck, and cruelty towards others will not be tolerated. Plus, fans of the show will smile when they see you and remember the moment Troy met karma.

What You'll Need:

6. Dustin With All the Pudding

There's no cuter member of this crew than Dustin. He makes every situation — no matter how dire or terrifying — into something relatable and hilarious. So, it's not really enough to just dress as Dustin. If you're going to pay tribute to this lil' gem, you should celebrate his best line during the first season. In other words, dress as Dustin with all the pudding. Carry some in your backpack, have at least one in your hand at all times, and absolutely keep it as an ongoing snack. There are few things that would make Dustin happier in this world.

What You'll Need:

7. Steve Saperstein

Nancy's boyfriend Steve's last name is Harrington. But, an epic fan theory on Uproxx linking Steve to Parks and Recreation's Jean-Ralphio Saperstein because of their similar hair made the rounds earlier this summer, and now I'm of the belief that Steve is actually Jean-Ralphio's father. Just look at them: Their fluffy coifs, their big brown eyes, their natural goofiness. In order to make this a thing, you need to use Steve's normcore style as the base, and bring in Jean-Ralphio's wildly loud look in accents. Whether you actually believe this theory or simply love it to pieces, here's how to tie the two together in one costume.

What You'll Need:

  • Caslon Blue Sweatshirt, $29, Nordstrom
  • Dorothy Perkins Bomber Jacket, $35, Dorothy Perkins
  • City Chic Stretchy Jeans, $60, City Chic Online
  • Striped Socks, $7, Accessorize
  • Nike footwear, $80, Office
  • BP Tube Scarf, $19, Nordstrom
  • Short Brown Wig, $13, Rosegal

Image: Netflix, Polyvore, Amazon; Giphy (7)