Why Friendsgiving Is Better Than Thanksgiving

by Chrissa Hardy

Most of us can probably agree that 2016 has been a nightmare of a year, but thankfully, it's almost over. But before we begin the final stretch of this year, we need to gather around the dinner table for the best annual feast of all: Friendsgiving. Friendsgiving is not the same as traditional Thanksgiving, mainly because it's way better.

First of all, the real history behind Thanksgiving is not the idyllic tale a lot of us learned in school. You know the tale: the one in whichPilgrims came together with Native Americans and had a peaceful meal together? No, actually, Thanksgiving started off as a celebratory feast for white settlers after they massacred hundreds of Native Americans, including women and children. It's not a reality that should be ignored, especially now.

So instead of following old Thanksgiving traditions, you can gather your favorite people together and create new traditions that are fun, filled with good food, and that are also socially aware. Celebrating Friendsgiving is also so necessary in 2016 because let's be real: We all need love and strength. But that's not all. Here are a bunch of reasons why Friendsgiving is better than Thanksgiving.

1. Everyone Needs Support Right Now

I understand we're all sick of talking about the election, but there's no way to not talk about it at this point. We're never going to be able to go back to the blissful ignorance and peaceful days of 2015. It's just not realistic. We learned more about each other and our fellow Americans than we ever expected to throughout this election, and many of those realizations were not pretty. And because this is such a scary and tumultuous time, we need to lean on those who lift us up — aka, our BFFs. There's really no better time than this moment to get everyone you love together and tell them how much you love them.

2. You Can Make Brand New Traditions

You can eat and drink all day and take naps in between, but you can also do anything else you want. You can donate to charities that need financial support right now. You can send supplies to the #NoDAPL protestors on the front lines who are freezing and suffering right now. You can play board games and not change out of your PJs all day and shop online at midnight. It's totally up to you and your friends how you want to honor your day of friend-thanks.

3. There's No Such Thing As "Appropriate Behavior"

You might not be able to swear at the dinner table with family at Thanksgiving, but you certainly can with your friends! You don't have to be "on" or behaving outside of your comfort zone to seek anyone's approval at Friendsgiving. You get to be you — genuine, unapologetic, awesome you.

4. You Probably Won't Have Very Many Political Arguments

You might have an uncle or a cousin who voted differently than you did this year. And that's not easy to face when our President elect is overall terrible. But, you get to choose your friends, so they're probably wonderfully, open and like-minded people. So, if politics are discussed at your Friendsgiving table, it'll probably passionate statements made in support of whatever you say.

5. There Will Be So Much Dessert And Booze

Most likely, not everyone in your friend group are talented cooks. There might only be one or two who know how to cook a turkey. The rest will be in charge of simple sides, pre-made desserts, and booze. So there will be tons of all of those things. And entering a room filled with cake and wine sounds like heaven to me, sooo....

6. Your Friends Are The Family Members You Choose

You don't get to choose your family. And you'll probably have to see them somewhat regularly for the rest of your life. Your friends though — they are your tribe. They are the family you have chosen. They know about all of your flaws and love you even more because of them. Don't let these people go.

7. Who Else Would You Rather Spend the End of the World With?

None of us know how the end of 2016 will shake out. It's a terrifying time to be anything other then a cis white male. So, if this really is the end of the world as we know it, the only way we'll feel fine is if we can be with our friends as the Earth implodes.

Happy Friendsgiving!

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (7)