These Holiday Cards Will Make Up For No Present

by Courtney Kocak

Listen, nobody likes to be a Scrooge, but it's hard to slay every single Christmas gift for every single person on your list... which is exactly why you need to call in the holiday shopping pinch-hitter — aka the Christmas card — when your gift-giving game gets strained by lack of resources (e.g. money, intel, imagination). In fact, spending a little time scooping up some of the best Christmas cards on the market now will save you a lot of potential embarrassment and shame later this month when it's time to open presents. (And let's be honest, this year has already been shameful enough on the national level. Cough, cough, ugly cry: Here's looking at you, Donald Trump!) Sure, you might not know what to get someone, especially all your peripheral someones, but a funny card that serves up some LOLs and snickers is the perfect distraction from your mediocre (or nonexistent) present.

But, where do you even star looking for the best Christmas card for your loved ones? Lucky for you, I curated this list of hilarious holiday card options to help you save Christmas. And that, my friends, is how you sleigh.*

*This message has not been authorized by or paid for by Beyoncé.

1. Hard To Buy For Xmas Card

Forget low key trying to make up for your gift. With this card, you can just blame it all on the recipient. Like, "maaaaaybe you shouldn’t be so hard to shop for next time, haha!"

Hard To Buy For Xmas Card, $3.21,

2. Bob Ross Parody Holiday Card Set

A shirtless Bob Ross in front of a beautiful painted mountain-scape is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Bob Ross Parody Holiday Card Set, $6,

3. Daria-Inspired Funny Christmas Card

Do you know a millennial woman who doesn’t love Daria with all of her cold, empty heart?! With a card this effusive, you might even get her to crack a smile.

Daria Inspired Funny Christmas Card, $3.75,

4. Beyoncé Sleigh Card

OK ladies, now let’s get in formation and wrap up the year of Lemonade with a punny Christmas affirmation that your girl slays.

Beyoncé Sleigh Card, $5,

5. Let It Snow Christmas Card

Get this card for your favorite Game of Thrones fan because Christmas is coming!

Let It Snow Christmas Card, $4.05,

6. Unicorn Christmas Card

Give the card that says, “You’re so unique, the best gift I could find for you is nothing!”

Unicorn Christmas Card, $2.93,

7. Christmas Fact Rudolph Card

OK, this explains a lot. Help Santa set the record straight with this hilarious holiday card.

Christmas Fact Rudolph Card, $4.50,

8. I Like Your Balls Card

Distract your new S.O. from the awkwardness of first Christmas gift-giving with this LOL-worthy compliment.

I Like Your Balls Card, $3.59,

9. Jesus' Birthday Christmas Card

Go shawty! Give this card as a groovy reminder that Jesus will definitely be in da club this Christmas.

Funny Jesus's Christmas Card, $4,

10. Dad's Money Saving Advice Card

This holiday, give your dad the gift of gratitude... and not much else.

Dad’s Money Saving Advice Card, $3.91,

11. Peaky Blinders Funny Christmas Card

You can bet Cillian Murphy’s hotness transcends the line drawn medium to keep Christmas coming all year long.

Peaky Blinders Funny Christmas Card, $3.85,

12. Donald Trump Real Grinch Card

Nothing like a little gallows humor for your beloveds on the eve of impending doom.

Donald Trump Real Grinch Card, $5,

13. Funny Family Christmas Card

Let your family know where they really stand and they’ll totally understand why you didn’t get them better gifts.

Funny Family Christmas Card, $4,

14. Santa's Helpers 8-Pack Card Set

This card plus booze equals the perfect present.

Santa’s Helpers 8-Pack Card Set, $16+,

15. Flirty Christmas Card

It’s hard to be disappointed with your sexy bae in their birthday suit… and, of course, it’s only polite to give a gift of equal value.

Flirty Christmas Card, $4.50,

15. Drake Christmas Card

Yeah, we all know when those sleigh bells ring, but who wouldn’t be over the moon for views of this less obvious holiday-themed Drake pun? What a time to be alive!

Drake Christmas Card, $4.25,

17. Santa's Good List Christmas Card

Um, sorry, but you gotta talk to the guy in the red suit about it! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Santa’s Good List Christmas Card, $4.56,

Images: Etsy (21)