Weird New Beauty Gadgets You Should Try

Now that the smartphone age is well under way, innovation and design are creeping into every part of our modern lives. It's no shocker that the beauty world is experiencing an electronic Renaissance too: Since is a multi billion dollar industry, it makes sense that innovations for everything from soft skin to white teeth are coming out all the time.

But what are the ins and outs? It seems that there are now countless options from hair lasers to USB charging face misters. Technology is seeking to help us with the same old beauty situations, like acne busting, wrinkle treating, and hair removing. If you’re someone who spends money on these beauty practices, definitely consider moving into the digital beauty age.

I tried a wide array of interesting tools to see what's fun, what works, and what is best left to the old school. It's crazy how many things you can plug into the wall, rub onto your body, and hopefully come out with an awesome result that can improve on the results from an analog version. I love that so many aren’t just electronic, but charge via USB, so you can even use when traveling. Check out the weird (but effective) devices that have made their way into my permanent rotation.

Body Hair Removal

1. The Rechargeable Razor

The Remington Smooth Glide Rechargeable Razor , $34, Amazon

There are two types of electronic devices when it comes to hair: hair removing and hair inhibiting. As a pretty hairy person, hair removal can be a major hassle. I’m not too regimented about it, but I'm always curious about trying new ways to get rid of stubble when I want to.

Probably the most traditional item on this list, the Smooth Glide Rechargeable from Remington is a super-easy-to-use electric razor. I don’t think I had used anything of the sort in over 10 years, and I distinctly remember wanting to chuck the dang thing out the window when I did. The 2017 versions was quite impressive: my stubble reduced to almost nothing in seconds. This razor is not harsh in price and could be an easy solution for last minute forgetful or reluctant epilation.

2. The Handheld Laser

Iluminage Precise Touch Hair Reduction Device , $245, Amazon

I’m deeming at-home lasers genius, however they require commitment, planning, and lots of direction-following. According to the pamphlet that comes with this tool, you need to steer clear of the sun and exfoliating products for a while before you use lasers. It's also best to use this immediately after shaving and with no product on the skin. Basically, you have to prepare for your sessions more so than you would for any of the other items on this list.

For beauty science purposes, I zapped one side of my body with three sessions. It was painless and dramatically reduced my hair growth by what I would estimate to be about 30 percent. The Iluminage Precise Touch costs about as much one laser session at an office, but results with the at-home version take a little bit longer. Still, it works so it’s pretty great, and miles cheaper than a professional service, so it's a win.

Facial Tools

1. The Collagen Enhancer

3-Speed Conture System, $199, Conture

This weird looking thing is basically a mini face vacuum that's meant to help increase circulation and build collagen. There's every manner of pincher, needler, or roller to help pester the skin into producing more of the plumping compounds, but electronic ones do this without discomfort for the most part.

Conture is a unique device that uses a suction action to cause the skin to react. It's hard to remember to do this frequently, but whenever I did it my face was really plumped after. The site claims that the main benefit to using the tool is improvements in "radiance and luminosity," which I can certainly get behind.

2. The Undereye Laser

Tria Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser , $249, Amazon

The Tria Smooth Beauty Eye Laser is the only device I used that was kind of uncomfortable to use. However, the results presented on their website look very promising, so I’ll probably keep using it. With technology brought in from the dermatologist’s office into a tiny handheld device, there’s no reason not to suffer the tiny stings for results that don’t involve traveling or recovery time. Tria doesn’t have downtime, but requires more consistent use. I will have to get used to the stings!

3. The Handheld Light Therapy

Osmotics Cosmeceuticals '3-in-1' Ageless Facial Enhancer System , $298, Nordstrom

The Osmotics 3-in-1 Ageless Facial Enhancer is probably my favorite on this list. Light therapies are starting to creep out of the esthetician’s treatment room and into your home, and this one provides a multitude of benefits.

With this tool, not only do you get three light choices, blue for antibacterial/acne, red for anti aging, and green for discoloration, you get the option of using negative or positive ions, as well as a sonic function. This allows for quite an array of treatment choices, and they all have specific benefits. You can feel your skin change completely, I did one hand for a few treatments and it just felt dramatically smoother after every use.

4. The Mini Microdermabrasion Tool

Silk'n ReVit Diamond Microdermabrasion Systemhttp: , $78, Amazon

I have only gotten microdermabrasion a few times, and it’s always fabulous, but I didn’t realize how life changing it would be to have one to use at home. Again, I don't find this one to be quite as powerful as professional results, but it really gets the job done in a pinch. With regular use of this baby, you could reduce congestion-related acne and supercharge your skincare routine. Compared to most new electronic devices, The ReVit is fairly affordable. Plus, it comes with a few settings, making it easy to use it on neck and décolleté too. If the grid ever collapsed I would ride an electricity-generating bike to power this tool.

5. The Refillable Face Mist

Kelly Quan Packet Spa, $85, Kelley Quan

I love face mists as much as the next skin care devotee, but some of them simply make your face too damp, which can screw up your makeup or make you look shiny. The Kelly Quan Pocket Spa was something I never knew I needed, but now cherish. It creates an ultra fine mist that you can use over makeup or skin care and generally anytime without changing a thing. I use pure rose water in mine so I’m getting one of the best smells on earth in teeny tiny particles that moisturize deeper than anything else. I also love using before a mask to help it spread easier without diluting it.

6. The Cleansing Tool

Instrumental Beauty Sonic Touch Cleansing System, $35, Rite Aid

Sonic cleansing is popular because it works. The vibrating motion helps the chemical reactions between soap, water, and dirt/oil happen faster and more completely. The Instrumental Beauty Sonic Touch Cleaning System is a more affordable version of the most popular cleaning tool. It’s under 40 dollars, helps break up stubborn dirt, and any cleanser you use with it foams up better than with hands. I'm a big fan.


1. The Ultimate In Electric

GoSmile Sonic Pro Whitening System , $129, Nordstrom

The process of teeth whitening can sometimes hurt your teeth, and it doesn’t always contribute to the actual cleanliness of your teeth. GoSmile has been stepping up their mouth care, and this electric toothbrush helps whiten, but also makes your teeth feel dentist clean for an entire day. When used in combination with their Whitening Gel and Toothpaste, or even some Plaque HD or other plaque identifying toothpaste, you can ride out that lack of a dental plan until it becomes a basic inalienable right.

More than half of these tools could not exist without scientific discoveries that probably originated in the health field. Considering how little we knew about caring for things like acne and sun damaged skin, this new ground is sure to help more and more people gain confidence.

Photos: Maria Penaloza