You Wish You Were On This Southwest Flight

The airlines have really been in the spotlight lately when it comes to bad news. Between all of the coverage surrounding Malaysia Flight 370, yesterday's Twitter terrorism threat from a Dutch teen to American Airlines, and U.S. Airlines tweeting out a seriously shocking photo, 2014 just hasn't been their year.

However, proving that not all news is bad news, one flight attendant from Southwest Airlines was recorded while giving her pre-flight instructions and, as seen in the video, the passengers soon found out that her quick-witted bit was anything but routine. The blonde attendant prefaces her speech to the passengers by saying that "it's been a long day," but you'd never know it based on her upbeat speech. Throughout the fast-paced, joke-ridden instructions, the attendant doesn't miss a beat.

While she could have very well given this speech to previous flights, the passengers greet her unexpected humor with roaring laughs and approving applause. Not one pointer goes without a joke, even when the attendants instruct on how to inflate the emergency life preserver, or, as the comedic attendant calls it, their very own "teeny weeny Southwest bikini."

Flight attendants of the world, please take note.