Playing Soccer Just Got Way More Appealing

by Allie Healy

Soccer isn't for everyone. It involves extreme coordination and endurance that not all humans possess. But what happens when giant inflatable bubbles are worn while playing the sport? In a YouTube video "Bubble Football/Soccer Algund," participants are shown running, kicking, and tackling each other all while inside a giant, round inflatable ball. Now we're talking.

The video begins like any other indoor match, until players come into view donning their air-filled sportswear. The immediate reaction from the spectators is priceless, as two colliding opponents send each other in the opposite direction after attempting to gain possession of the ball.

While this video was shot in Algund, Italy, Bubble Soccer is played by Americans across the country. So never fear, you too could be bumping and bouncing your way across a field if you so desire. The only degree of difficulty involved in Bubble Soccer is that your arms are encased in the bubble, rendering them unusable. So be prepared to tuck and roll.

Though only adults are shown playing the game, I can't help but think how this could have completely changed my Physical Education experience throughout grade school. Seriously, P.E. teachers of the world, consider this sport for the sake of the more clumsy individuals out there. We aren't all gym class heroes.