It's About Time Someone Spoofed Those Dove Ads

We've all seem them — the Dove "Real Beauty" advertisements that are both refreshing in their depiction of diverse body types and ethnicities, and frustrating in their sneaky approach to selling products that still reinforce beauty as the ultimate goal. However you feel about the controversial ads, you'll agree that they are basically begging to be parodied.

Above Average productions brings you "#TRUEBEAUTY - Dove Real Beauty Mirror Test," a YouTube video spoofing one of the many campaigns Dove has launched as a part of their Real Beauty efforts. In the video, women are brought in to be questioned by a woman in a lab coat about their thoughts on their appearances.

Suddenly, the interviewer's phone rings and she announces she has to take the phone call. Before exiting the room, she points out a mirror on the wall and indicates that the women should go take a look. What they see in the reflection is either a comment on how beauty brands make us feel ugly so that we seek a fix by buying their products...or it's just a pretty hilarious bit of comedy. I'm sure Dove wasn't too psyched to see this video, but all is fair in love and YouTube.