9-Year-Olds Text The Darndest Things

When I was 9 years old, a cell phone was that increasingly prevalent, high-tech device that my mom owned. In seventh grade, I got my own "texting" cellphone, where the phone's primary feature was text messaging. Ground breaking stuff, right? But 9-year-olds these days are getting their own smartphones, and their texts surprisingly resemble your 50-year-old parents' cryptic messages.

Need evidence? Check out the gone-viral texts of Madison, a 9-year-old who just got her first phone. In a stroke of Internet magic, Madison's brother screenshotted her first texts and shared the results with the world. He relentlessly teases — and practically trolls — his own sister to hilarious effect. Nothing like a little practical joking via text.

Their first conversation is completely harmless:

But then Madison's older brother has some fun with her technological naiveté:

But wait, there's more:

Not only was I completely cracking up at the siblings' conversations, this exchange also allowed me to put my spending habits into perspective with regards to the cost of pizza. Thanks for that, guys. For the complete list of conversations, visit the Imgur page. Just be warned, the series of texts may cause you to burst out laughing in your cubicle or class.

Images: Imgur