Man Poses As a Cupcake On Tinder

Being a human on Tinder is one thing, but being a delicious baked good is another. In his hilarious article on Thrillist, writer Lee Breslouer posed as a cupcake on Tinder. Why, you ask? Because, according to Breslouer, heterosexual women like men, but they love cupcakes.

In this genius chronicle, Breslouer shares the 10 lessons he learned by presenting himself as a carrot cake cupcake, complete with cream cheese frosting. He went through the motions, like any new Tinder user, and created a profile, began swiping, and soon enough, he began to match with the ladies.

This is what he looked like:

Kind of resembles Jay Leno, right? Breslouer took other photos to complete the Tinder profile, including a classic bathroom mirror selfie:

Breslouer set off on his journey for a Tinderella by, well, right-swiping everyone in sight. Though at first he didn't have any takers, a tidal wave of female suitors eventually came rushing in. Through his clever conversations with these unknown women, Breslouer learned 10 significant lessons, that he spelled out for his readers.

Through his first conversation, he learned, "Some women just want a cupcake, and don't even care to learn what flavor it is."

The other nine lessons are hilarious yet applicable to any single person's life. After reading Breshouer's adventure, I find myself wishing I stumbled upon the cupcake during my swiping adventures. I guess the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I matched with a couple weeks ago will have to do.

Image: Lee Breslouer/Tinder