Elaine's Best Style Moments, Updated for 2014

by Natalie Gontcharova

It's no secret by now that Elaine Benes' normcore-ish '90s get-ups have influenced the styles of today's cool kids (the New York Times was on it like four years ago), from Chloë Sevigny's frilly dresses to your neighbor's Peter Pan collars. Fashion trends usually loop around in a 20-year-or-so cycle, so it's kind of perfect that July 5 marks the 25th anniversary of Seinfeld, that wonderfully absurd yet realistic show I spent most of my childhood watching. Walk into any bar that has a taco truck out front and you'll spot plenty of floral prints, denim vests, and leather, with many of the wearers a tad too young to know what they're even referencing.

"God, fashion is so strange," Julia Louis-Dreyfus herself told the Times. "I’m glad I don’t dress like that anymore. On the other hand, maybe I will again since everyone’s doing it." While her style definitely toned down to showcase sleeker looks as the show went on, we'll never forget the poufy hair and inimitable knack for mixing Little Home on the Prairie dresses with Doc Martens and leather jackets. If you want a taste of that "Upper West Side grunge", as Elle's Anne Slowey perfectly described it, here's how to crib three classic Elaine looks without looking ridiculous.

Classic Elaine

Glasses, Oxfords, those frilly little socks (maybe I'm making up the little socks, but they're very '90s and very cute)... this is what Elaine usually looked like when she waltzed into Jerry's apartment.

Girly Elaine

This is Elaine's date outfit. It may look sweet, but don't forget that she once broke up with someone for not offering her pie. And the scrunchie. The scrunchie is key.

Tough Elaine

If someone tells you they don't like your outfit, just say, "Why don't you just blow it out your a**?" and then do that delightful Elaine-dance. (The $245 Valentino headband really makes the outfit in the picture, but you can find a much cheaper version on Amazon.)

Images: NBC; polyvore.com; Giphy