These People Nailed the Whole Summer Thing

by Jessica Molinari

Everyone has their own way of celebrating summer. For some, Summer Fridays and a trip to the Hamptons constitute a dream weekend, while others prefer to kick it at home by the pool with a few beers. But no matter your preference, summer is quickly coming to an end — whether you like it or not. Take a second, cry over it, and then realize all the things you said you were going to do but haven't done yet. Sad, right? Go ahead and cry some more. Now pull yourself together: There's still time.

Not everyone out there has been "meaning to go to the beach" all summer. Yes, some among us have been living their summers to the fullest all along. If there were a way to win summer, then these people definitely get the prize.

Of course, Slip 'N Slides are key here: Nothing screams summer more than sliding down a length of plastic covered in water and potentially getting injured in the process. Their creativity and fearlessness alone definitely earn them a trophy in the unspoken contest that is summer.

Take a look at the folks who've won summer, and remember: There's still time.

Slip 'N Fly

Good news to all those in the Ohio area — you can take your life into your hands on the Slip 'N Fly too!

Urban Slip 'N Slide

So yes, this is a commercial, but it's still epic. Who doesn't want to slide down a giant Slip 'N Slide on a giant inflatable swan? If I lived in San Francisco, this would definitely be my summer dream.

Slip 'N Slide Launcher

Kind of like the Bear Naked commercial stunt, only these geniuses are getting launched into kiddie pools. Definitely something we all wanted to attempt as a child but had no idea how to accomplish.

All right, enough of the Slip 'N Slides. You can achieve summer greatness without the help of a dangerous plastic toy. These people have definitely nailed it.

Baking Genius

Have a craving for chocolate chip cookies but have no desire to heat up your kitchen by turning on the oven? This summer genius turned a day of errands into baking time. Talk about multitasking. (Salmonella not included.)

Water Balloon Win

This is taking the water balloon fight to a whole other level. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Ice Pop Heaven

What could be better than this on a hot summer day? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

The NeopoliTAN

Farmer's tans and uneven lines are the worst. We've all been there, right? Nice work dude.

This Guy

What's the quickest way to the ocean from a hotel? Oh, the roof? Pretty impressive, dude. Probably not the smartest thing in the world, but still, amazingly impressive.

the kids who didn't kill their parents for this

They deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.