Never Get Out of Bed Again!

Where would we be without Japan? Home of the first DVDs, digital cameras, electronic calculators, and my personal favorite, instant ramen, the country is responsible for some of the most valuable inventions of our time. In the latest instance of brilliance, Japanese company Sanko's Super Upward-Looking Dozing Desk enables you to be productive without ever getting out of bed.

The device is exactly what it sounds like — a transformable desk that perches your laptop above your head while in bed, so that you may read and type without even sitting up. It’s 2014, folks, and it’s a great time to be alive. We’ve simultaneously reached the apex of human ingenious and laziness.

How much does this luxury cost, you ask? It's all yours for 8,980 yen, which is around US$90.

TIME magazine has brilliantly compared this invention to the ErgoQuest Zero Gravity “workstations," which allow you to work at your computer upside-down, sideways, turned around, backwards, name it. Unfortunately, the ErgoQuest invention resembles a dentist chair, and it's unlikely that I will be introducing something so cumbersome into my living room anytime soon.

The Dozing Desk, by comparison, offers a much more subtle alternative. All hail the Japanese.

Image: ErgoQuest Inc