Disney Princesses' Latest Cause?

Little did Disney know that its princesses, who were created with life goals like "marry Prince Charming," "rebel against father," and "get back at evil stepmother" in mind, would one day be used as mouthpieces for far more controversial endeavors. In the past few months we've seen artists like Saint Hoax and Alexsandro Palombo use these characters as a medium for discussing issues like domestic violence and sexual assault. And if those issues weren't fraught enough with tension and controversy, Palombo is now emplying these fictional characters to make a statement about that third rail of political discussions, the Israel-Palestine conflict.

His illustrations show Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, and the like, all with shoulders covered and fingers posed in peace signs, with #FreeGaza written above their heads. In a second series, the artists depicts Bart Simpson and Meg Griffin as gun-toting activists and Jasmine and Aladdin as suicide bombers. If you ever hoped the Disney idols of your childhood would spend less time thinking about how to snag a husband and more time thinking about what's going on in the world outside their castle walls ... well, it looks like you got your wish.

You can see many of the images below, and go to Palombo's website for more.

Images: Courtesy of AleXsandro Palombo