Adopt A Puppy ... On Tinder?!

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Looking to adopt a dog in the New York City area? Sign up for Tinder! No seriously, you can adopt dogs on Tinder now. SocialTees, a Manhattan-based animal rescue organization recently joined forces with ad agency BBH NY - The Barn to create Puppy Love, a program that will literally pair you up with a dog via the dating app. Multi-tasking dog lovers, unite!

According to Tech Crunch, Puppy Love has been posting dog profiles on the dating app in hopes of finding them homes. The project matched over 1,500 dogs within the first day of its launch, according to, and has been receiving positive reviews via Twitter.

So how exactly does it work? Tech Crunch notes that when posting these dog profiles, Puppy Love adjusts their ages and other filters so they are more likely to come up during your typical human searches. Upon seeing a dog you’re interested in (adopting), like little Vilma below, simply hit “yes” as you would with a man or woman you wanted to talk to. From there, you’ll receive a message regarding the best way of adopting.

Considering 7.6 million animals are currently in need of homes, and since Tinder hit the 10 million matches mark in February, according to Vox, this is a pretty genius plan. Kudos to SocialTees and BBH - NY for putting together two things people love: adorable dogs, and iPhone applications.

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