Ladies, Now You Can Pee Standing Up

You know that feeling where you feel kind of full, your lower stomach is kind of tight and you find yourself doing crazy things while running around like a chicken with its head cut off? Oh, did you think I was talking about being in love? No, I'm talking about when you're on the go and you really have to go. Well, thanks to the new "Stand Up" device (fittingly named!), women can pee while standing up. Guys have always had the privilege of being able to tinkle almost whenever and wherever they want thanks to a certain little appendage, but it's a new age and we're ready for equal peeing-rights.

According to the company's website, Stand Up is dedicated to "providing all women a hygienic and dignified bathroom experience." The Stand Up is a biodegradable (go green!), disposable accessory to give women the freedom to whiz anytime, anywhere, while keeping the mess away. But how exactly do you use it? Apparently it's pretty easy, like four steps easy. You just unfold it, squeeze it into cone shape, place it in front of the lady bits and release that venti shaken black iced tea you drank 45 minutes ago. Once you're done, the Stand Up can be tossed in the trash.

The Stand Up isn't the first of this kind, though. There's a whole slew of similar products that have been on the market for at least a couple of years: the Shewee, the Magic Cone and the P-Mate are just a few. The idea sounds great in theory, but it's unclear how likely it is that ladies will start carrying these add-ons. I definitely see the use of the Stand Up while on a night out, a camping trip and at the ever so popular music festival — I've heard horror stories of open troughs as pee stations from friends that have hit up the weekend-long, outdoor parties. And Stand Up's branding and marketing seems geared toward these festivals, so maybe at $6 for a pack of six, they'll find a place in ladies' bags and purses. Peeing out of one of these portable cones seems like a whole lot better than ending up with a bladder infection.

Images: The Stand Up/Facebook