Thank God, The Prancercise Lady Is Back

by Gabe Bergado

Everybody, grab your headbands and your sports bras — The Prancercise lady, Joanna Rohrback, is back with a brand-new video to show you how to gallop into shape. And this time, she's not alone. Joining her is a man-friend with no sleeves, but with the most perfect Prancercise form and some lovely zebra-print leggings.

Now, if you don't remember Joanna Rohrback and her fitness mantra, let me give you a quick refresher. She first skipped into our hearts last year with the original Prancercise video. Equipped with ankle weights and a sound track of pseudo-country music, she showed us how imitating a horse could bring physical and spiritual excellence. There's even a book that expands on Rohrback's principles of a healthy life. The workout video went viral and was GIF-ified all over the Internet. Jillian Michaels and Richard Simmons had to step aside: We had a new workout queen.

Rohrback's new video is definitely more fleshed out than her first. Complete with a partner, real horses, and slo-mo (at least, I think it's slow motion) effects, the clip will surely get you off your couch and into some workout gear. Check out the video below:

This video is awesome, but I'm left with a few questions. Namely:

  • Who exactly is this partner? Just friends? Just a fellow Prancercise enthusiast? Possible lover? Multibillionaire Prancercise investor?
  • And where exactly did he get those killer leggings?
  • Joanna, is that proper Prancercise footwear?
  • Wait, what is proper Prancercise footwear?
  • How did they get those far away, semi-aerial shots?
  • Was there any risk of either Prancerciser getting trampled by a horse?
  • Were the horses aware their images were going to be used to market Prancercise?
  • Why was there no boxing segment of this Prancercise routine?
  • Exactly how many calories does Prancercise burn?
  • Did anyone else notice the horse taking a dump at 3:29 then gallop away like nothing happened? (now you did)

We need answers, Joanna, and we need answers now.

Images: Prancercise/Facebook