Products So Frustrating You'll Lose Your Mind

Ed Wray/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There are a lot of frustrating things in the world — awful Disney sequels, people on the Internet who lie about DIY products, assholes who say bitchy things about Michelle Obama but remain too far away to slap. But thankfully for all of us, there is nothing so frustrating in real life as the products that artist and Imgur user beardedlyons has dreamt up. Because seriously, nothing needs to be that frustrating. Ever.

Whether it's a watering can that spouts back into itself or a coffee cup with a sideways handle, just looking at these hypothetical objects will drive you a little crazy. Staring at them, you can't help but imagine yourself trying to use them, attempting to make them work somehow. And they aren't going to work. They're designed not to work. But they are just similar enough to properly constructed products that you can easily picture yourself trying anyway.

It's funny how small some of the adjustments are — a broom handle stuck onto the wrong side, a handle placed on the other side of a pot, a chair with the back in the middle of the seat. And yet though they are small changes, they make the whole thing useless. I starts to make you think about how easy it is to change everything, how tenuous the things we take for granted are, how easily the world could turn into a surrealist landscape full of forks that all have chains instead of handles....

Yeah, this is why I shouldn't be left alone staring at surreal artwork for too long. But seriously, these things are kind of mind bending. (Though the wine glass is the one that really gets me.)