Watch Couples Compete To Build IKEA Furniture

by Emma Cueto
Leon Neal/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When moving into a new apartment there is always one thing you can count on to give you a preview of how well you might get along with your new roommates: building IKEA furniture. Having to decipher the wordless illustrations that constitute IKEA directions requires communication and a sense of humor, and it can reveal a lot about how your potential group dynamic might work out over the next year or so. If you find yourself laughing hysterically together at 2 a.m. while hammering nails with high heeled shoes because you don't have a hammer (side note: wedges work surprisingly well), then you're probably in for a good year together. If you end your IKEA building session already not speaking to each other, well, this was probably bound to happen sooner or later.

Of course, building IKEA furniture with romantic partners carries with it extra significance. Especially if the whole thing is turned into a competition. Over at BuzzFeed, they decided to pit two couples against one another to test their IKEA building prowess. Personally, I think this premise needs to be adapted into a reality TV show — people love couples competing for things, people love IKEA (most of the time), there's the built-in drama of whether or not the relationship can survive the experience, it's perfect. But until some savvy TV producer snaps the idea up, we can enjoy this video.