A Hilarious Punishment for Losing Fantasy Football

This is a warning for all of you who partake in some friendly fantasy football: Try your best or else you might find yourself photoshopped onto Miley Cyrus's wrecking ball. A man named Henry Stern lost his fantasy league, and as punishment, he ended up as the star of an embarrassing photo calendar. From nip slips to full nudity, this guy turned what could have been an incredibly awkward outcome into something freaking hilarious.

The calendar is amazing for a number of reasons. First of all, now you'll never miss an appointment. Forget iCalendar and Google Calendar, this 12-monther is way more entertaining and will probably catch your eye better than a push notification reminding you about a coffee date. Secondly, just check out those photoshopping skills! Whoever took the reins on the art production (word has it they paid $50 to an art student they found on Craigslist) is like a photo-manipulating virtuoso. And lastly, the "loser" was totally a good sport. I'm sure we all have that friend who would definitely not do this even if he or she came in last place. It's lucky that a guy with such a welcoming attitude went along with it. And look, it's even brought him some Internet fame. He's more of a winner if anything, now.

I could only imagine what taking the photos must of have been like. Must have been something like this:

"Henry, bring your leg up just a bit higher, we can still see your man junk.""You really need to embody what the turkey is feeling, it just looks like you're faking it right now.""Come on, you're trying to make Billy Ray Cyrus feel proud, that expression does not read child-star-turned-demolitionist."

Although it doesn't look like the calendar will be on sale at Barnes & Noble anytime soon, we can only hope for a Kickstarter or Indiegogo to sponsor wider production. I know I'd click on "donate" in a heartbeat. While we wait for the 2016 edition to come out, check out some of the other months below:

Now, I don't know that much about football (the extent is probably from watching Friday Night Lights) but could this please be required for whatever team comes last in the Super Bowl? I think that would be fitting. Check out the rest of the calendar on Instagram.

Images: allstern/Instagram