Did You Swipe Right On a Tinder Hacker?

Techies work in mysterious ways; they speak fluent HTML, know their way around an iCould, and now a growing portion of them are using Tinder hacks to improve their chances for romantic success. According to ValleyWag, the newest techie trend is gaming the infamous dating app. Haven't we heard about this before?

Rather than spending the time swiping through photos, or downloading the readily available Tinder Auto Liker app, savvy techies have been coming up with other ways to beat the system and increase their number of Tinder matches.

The most popular way that techies have been optimizing their Tinder experience is through hacking the system to automatically like profiles for them. In an article delightfully titled "Hacking Tinder for Fun and Profit," software engineer Yuri de Souza details how he hacked Tinder to automate the "like" action and "watch the matches pour in." Instead of having to manually swipe for each profile, he was able sit back as his hack narrowed his prospects to only matches, and then choose who he wished to talk to from there.

Blogger Venkatesh Nandakumar came up with a similar hack, and reasoned that

“As far as social dynamics of Tinder goes, girls have an upper hand initially and the liberty to be choosy — to swipe left if you will. But once the match it done, it's up to the guy to initiate the conversation. Given the generally low hit-ratio for males and even more so for South Asian males ;), the best strategy for guys is to swipe-right-all. And when there is a match, decide if they want to initiate the conversation.”

And mass-liking isn’t the only way that hackers have been upping their chances at finding Tinder love (or at least a Tinder one night stand). Medium blogger Blake Jamieson transformed his Tinder profile to look like a Tinder-officiated "Match of the Day" and got over 800 matches. Jamieson is even selling a step-by-step guide to Tinder Hacks promising "More Matches, More Messages, More Numbers, More Dates." Clearly, some people take Tinder way too seriously.

If you want to win a girl over by hacking apps, Tinder is not the way to go. Hack my Seamless account so I can get free food and I will probably love you forever. Come up with a code so I can stop following that really annoying girl on Instagram without her knowing and I will happily go on a date with you. Find out how I can avoid surge pricing on Uber and I would love to go on a second date with you. But tell me that we matched on Tinder because of your auto-like system? That's a surefire way to get blocked.

Image: Fotolia