Harry Potter Erotica Is a Thing

As the Harry Potter generation grows into adulthood, the beloved children's series has been remixed many times into many forms, including, inevitably, Harry Potter porn. But before anyone laments that this is the very essence of ruining a person's childhood, you should listen to Brenna Twohy's slam poem in defense of Harry Potter erotica. Because instead of making it sound like something that will make your inner child cry, Twohy's poem, "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," makes it sound actually...awesome.

As Twohy points out, most porn is not what you'd call feminist (though there are exceptions). And the tropes that we commonly see in mainstream porn, from dubious (or non-existent) consent to the "lesbians" who clearly exist only for the male gaze, affect the way many people, especially young people, perceive real life sexual relationships. And though some people have criticized Twohy's poem for calling mainstream porn a "slaughterhouse" even though many women do enjoy the porn she criticizes, it's hard to argue against the fact that plenty of porn perpetuates some pretty harmful attitudes towards women (though obviously no judgement to any women who enjoy that sort of porn; never be ashamed of what you like).

Harry Potter porn on the other hand, Twohy says, gives you characters who are "part of a bigger story," characters who don't just exist in a few scenes for the sole purpose of getting busy, but are people with a bigger story outside whatever they get up to in the Room of Requirement. And that is actually pretty damn cool.

Image: Button Poetry/YouTube