This Will Make Your Proposal Extra Memorable

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Despite my generation's need to document everything , there are some occasions when holding an iPhone in front of your nose simply isn't acceptable — like say, when you're proposing marriage. Fortunately, members of my generation are also big fans of sneaky, problem-solving gadgets. Enter the Ring Cam: a ring box with a hidden camera inside of it, so you can capture the ultimate #proposal post without fumbling for your smartphone. #Genius

According to the Daily Mail, the Ring Cam was designed by five students from Hope College in Michigan as a class project. Scott Brandonisio, Scott Bahash, Elliot Barney, Russell Fyfe, and Nick Hauge came up with the idea when a friend of theirs wanted to "discretely" capture his proposal. They eventually launched Ring Cam as a business last October (after receiving what I hope was an "A" in that class).

Notice how small the camera is:

(It also comes in different colors, what?!)

Sam Tzou, the company's General Manager, explains to the Daily Mail that the Ring Cam captures the soon-to-be bride or groom's reaction from the proposer's perspective, making the moment more personal and private (as opposed to asking the soon-to-be best man or maid of honor to hide in the bushes with an iPhone).

The results look something like this:

And this:

Seeing as "engagement selfies" are one of the bigger Instagram trends right now — to the point where women are getting plastic surgery on their hands to yield better pictures — this nifty gadget couldn't have come at a better time. Prepare for lots of screaming, sobbing, and cupped-hands-over-mouth motions to pop up on your feeds.

Need one of these ASAP? For $199.99 to purchase, or $99.99 to rent, you can use a Ring Cam to capture your big proposal — and thus win Instagram (or YouTube, or Facebook, or whatever your social-media-platform-of choice is). To get more info on the Ring Cam, nab your own, or just learn about other couples' Ring Cam stories, visit

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