Hilarious Misconceptions People Have About Sex

We live in a culture where sex is a pretty taboo topic, and that creates all kind of awkward problems, from people feeling embarrassed to talk about sex with their partners to kids who never got enough sex ed to know how to use birth control. But even though those misconceptions can pose potentially big problems, they can also be really, really funny, as "College Humor Sexpectations" video demonstrates.

The video features various members of the College Humor team talking about the misconceptions they've had about sex, whether as impressionable children or just clueless adults. It also includes animation, because funny stories only get funnier with animation. Especially animation that features naked people with their private parts covered by those little leaves you see all the time in paintings of Adam and Eve, trying to figure out how to have sex.

From not knowing how to pronounce "vagina" to hilarious misadventures with condoms, it's clear that sex contains nearly infinite opportunities for misconceptions and awkward mishaps for both kids and grownups. And maybe if we lived in a culture that was better about discussing sex openly and without embarrassment things would be different, but in the meantime, there's a lot of comedy that comes out of our sexually awkward world.

Image: College Humor/YouTube