He Did WHAT on a Subway Platform?!

I have never owned an extremely expensive vacuum cleaner. My first real one (the dustbuster-on-a-stick we all had in school doesn’t count) was a relatively inexpensive Dirt Devil I got from the Target down the street from my first post-college apartment; my current one is whatever random Hoover my boyfriend happened to have when I moved in with him last summer. But if and when I ever do purchase an impressive vacuum, it might just have to be a Bissell Symphony. Why? Not because I’m convinced that it works extraordinarily well — but because their Canadian branch’s brand manager just ate off of a subway platform to demonstrate the confidence he has in the product.

Now that’s dedication.

Bissell Canada brand manager Ravi Dalchand recently took a cameraman, a Bissell Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop, and a takeout container of what looks like pasta of the tubular variety (ziti, maybe?) down to the platform of Bloor, AKA Toronto’s busiest subway station. Then he calmly vacuumed off a small section of the floor, and dumped his pasta all over it. And then? He ate it. All of it. And he sopped up the extra sauce with some bread when he was done, too. What to see? Of course you do. It’s gross, but I guarantee you will not be able to look away:

…Wow. Just wow.

As Fast Co. Create pointed out, it’s not surprising that the onlookers’ jaws all dropped in horror; more than 400,000 people tramp through Bloor every day. Add to that the fact that 93 percent of shoes have some sort of fecal matter splattered across their soles — indeed, most shoes are apparently dirtier than the average toilet seat — and, well… that’s a brave man right there, even if the vacuum can reportedly suck up and steam away 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria.

Sooooo… who’s up for Italian tonight?

Image: Bissell Canada/YouTube