What's Your Best "First?"

There is, as the saying goes, a first time for everything — and no, those first times don’t always have to do with sex. In fact, there’s pretty much an infinite number of amazing “firsts” out there, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s a Reddit post to prove it. Not that Reddi is the be-all, end-all, but, well… you get what I mean.

Redditor wanshurst posted in AskReddit yesterday the question, “Dear Reddit, what was your best ‘first time’ beside sex?”. A full 24 hours and 6,400 comments in and the post is still growing, so clearly, it struck a nerve. Me? I’m not actually sure what I’d call my best first. Maybe it was getting to college and realizing that school doesn’t have to be absolutely miserable. That was pretty huge, even if it seems a little run-of-the-mill in retrospect.

A lot of Reddit’s own picks may seem equally unimpressive, but even so, firsts don’t have to be unusual to be extraordinary. From earning your first paycheck to moving into your first home that’s not your parents’, here are 10 firsts that qualify as major life events, no matter how mundane they might seem.

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1. I Can See!

TRUTH. Trust us folk with less-than-stellar vision. We know.

This response, by the way, is far and away the most popular one in the thread. With 3,444 upvotes and a huge thread of replies, it’s nice to know so many of us are in the same boat. Especially with regards to leaves:

2. I Can Drive!

Obviously you can live a perfectly happy and productive adult life without getting a driver’s license — but for those of us who do have one, this was the best feeling ever.

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3. I Have a Paycheck!

OK, so not everyone makes the kind of bank where they can just impulsively decide to purchase a $400 video game console. The first time you get money in exchange for services rendered, though? Still pretty awesome.

4. Someone Loves Me!

It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, even if it’s not technically a “big deal.” And it goes both ways, too. Awww.

5. I Have Drunk Food!

Or perhaps more accurately, “I hafkjvdsm drwunk foofsjldooooooooood.” It’s a rite of passage.

6. I Can See the Wonders of the World!

Hello, wanderlust!

7. My Palate Is Classy and Refined!

Substitute chocolate, sushi, coffee, cheese, or whatever else you can think of in for beer or wine, and this covers just about every gustatory experience you can possibly have. Isn’t it nice to know you appreciate the good stuff?

8. This Story Is Amazing!

It doesn’t have to be Harry Potter, and it doesn’t have to be a book. It could be the first time you see what soon becomes your favorite movie, or play your favorite video game, or whatever. There’s nothing quite like experiencing a dynamite story for the very first time.

9. I Have My Own Place!

Home: Where the pants aren’t.

10. I’m a Parent!

I have no experience with this one, but people tell me it’s amazing.

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