Happy National Dog Day!

It's National Dog Day, which is certainly reason for celebration as far as I'm concerned. Growing up, I wasn't that much of a dog lover. Fast forward about a decade, and I literally melt whenever I see a pup. Dog beaches and parks are my tiny forms of heaven. Sure, I don't own a dog and therefore have to make friends with other owners to get attention from the playful beasts, but I've also learned if I bring dog treats I'm the most well-liked human in the vicinity. I'm still at the age where I can hardly take care of myself, let alone a doggy friend, but in the future I see myself with two large pit bulls and a tiny little purse pooch à la Paris Hilton's Tinkerbell.

More often than not, we take man's best friend for granted. Think about all the stuff that you put your pooch through — right? From dressing them up in outfits to submitting them to the nuzzling from strangers, it's crazy how dogs don't hate us yet. In honor of National Dog Day, here are 10 things pups do for us that should be celebrated and appreciated.

1. Testing out ice cream flavors

So, should I get the vanilla or the chocolate?

2. Dealing with it when we dress them up

We promise, just one more photo.

3. Being always ready to party

Mister, I think you're just a little too turned up. What exactly was in your doggy bowl?

4. Coming to the rescue when there's an emergency

Lassie, I'm sorry — I promise this is the last time I accidentally set the kitchen on fire.

5. Playing sports with us (and being just as bad)

I still love you even if you wouldn't make the Doggy Olympics.

6. Eating our vegetables for us

Thank gosh, you know I absolutely despise cabbage.

7. Accompanying us to that exercise class we've been wanting to go to

Next time, yoga.

8. Being a large part of the chocolate industry

Buddy, I know you can't eat any because it's poisonous — you are so selfless.

9. Knocking sense into us when we need it

"You did what?!"

10. Cuddling us when nobody else will

This isn't just a one-night stand, right? Because I really like you.

Let's pour one out for all the pups out there.

Images: Giphy (10)