Fox News Said WHAT To Mo'ne Davis?!

by Emma Cueto

When most people hear about 13-year-old girl Mo'ne Davis making history in the Little League World Series, they think "how cool!" They don't think "She should really do something more female friendly." But as we all keep learning over and over again, Fox News is not really "most people." Nor are they in touch with the reality most people are living in. And for proof of this we need look no further than this clip of Fox News host Eric Boiling asking Mo'ne Davis why she doesn't play something more suitable to girls.

And no, I'm not exaggerating. He actually says that. The phrase "female friendly" actually leaves his mouth.

And the truly baffling part is that his full question is why she doesn't play a more "female friendly" sport like soccer. As though soccer wasn't also once out of bounds for women — in fact, in England women's soccer was once outlawed by the English Football Association who said "the game of football is quite unsuitable for females and ought not to be encouraged."

There are no sports that are more suited to either men or women. There are no sports that are more inherently "female friendly" than others. There are only sports women are allowed and encouraged to participate in and sports women are shut out of.

So here's a tip for Eric Boiling: the next time you're talking to a girl who can throw a 70 mile an hour fastball, don't ask her why she does what she does.

Mo'ne Davis, you get all of our love and respect for staying calm and polite in the face of this idiocy. Here's hoping that someday we get to cheer for you in the major leagues!