Lindsay Lohan Launches Style Blog

In yet another "I'm reinventing myself" venture, Lindsay Lohan has included something vaguely resembling a style blog on her recently launched official site. So far, the posts include a series of vintage Chanel ads, a post from Team Lohan about Phillip Lim for Target, and tips for recreating Lohan's recent outfits.

Lohan has certainly always been a fan of fashion — I mean, would someone who isn't ride or die for fashion launch a line of leggings — but there's still something a bit, well, off about this blog. For one, it's written by Team Lohan, not Lindsay Lohan, but it's not just that.

Most of the images are heartbreaking reminders that Lohan has been off the red carpet and out of the public eye these past few years. Many of the photos used are from years ago, including a photo of Lohan in a purple dress with the caption, "Purple had a good year in 2008." Perhaps Lohan should focus on the present, and not use a style blog as a reminder of the past.