This Is Life When You're Single, Set to Music

Stephanie Keith/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There's a lot of air space devoted to how it feels to be single when all your friends are in relationships, and best friend duo Lucy White and Katie Weachter's "This Is Life When You're Single" song takes those feelings, turns them into lyrics, and sets them to acoustic guitar. The two young women sing about signing up for Christian Mingle, placating pitying relatives, eating pizza in bed on Friday night, and going an unconscionably long time without grooming their body hair...and as a serial monogamist, I can tell you that those last two things are not just fixtures of singledom, guys.

I think White and Weachter are adorable, funny, and talented, but I'm a little bummed that the song paints being single as being miserable and lonely and being in a relationship as the solution to your problems. There are some exciting, educational, liberating things about being on your own — things to be distinctly psyched about. Since these two girls are clearly using the time they would be spending with their would-be boyfriends to bond with each other, explore their musical talents, and become Internet famous, something tells me they already know that. Maybe they'll write a song about the good stuff about being unattached next.