5 Ways To Remove All Your Makeup in a Flash

by Julia Teen

You know you’re supposed to be hitting the sheets with a fresh face every night, but too often, life (and booze) gets in the way. Wine with the ladies lasts longer than expected and you don't wash off your makeup until the next day.

If you don’t want deeper wrinkles, larger pores, and irritated skin like this woman, try these five ways to get skin clean, fast.

For Stubborn or Waterproof Makeup

Pixi Beauty founder and makeup artist Petra Strand says using a cleansing oil (even coconut oil) is the best bet for tackling stubborn makeup. “Apply a small amount to your day face, massage in, and then rinse,” she says. “The oil dissolves the makeup and breaks down any long wear or waterproof formulas, as well as sunscreen.” Use a damp washcloth to remove the oil, and then carry on with your usual cleansing routine.

Alternatives to Oil

If you aren’t partial to using oil on your skin, French pharmacy fave Bioderma Crealine is a makeup artist’s dream. L.A. Makeup artist Christina Henry nabs it for removing all makeup, including waterproof mascara, and it is probably the gentlest remover you’ll ever used.

For Glitter Makeup

There’s always an occasion to pull out the glitter — but getting it off can require some muscle. Lorac makeup artist Dean Fournier recommends using scotch tape to lift it off your face. Wrap a piece around your fingertips and gently press onto your skin.

For Sensitive Skin

Those prone to red, inflamed skin know that many removers can exasperate this. Fournier recommends Exuviance Sensitive Skin Cream Cleanser. He says, “It’s so gentle you can just tissue it off if you are in a rush and not even worry about rinsing. It’s even safe enough to use on the eyes!”

Avoid Using Makeup Wipes

Fournier also says to avoid using makeup wipes for everyday use. “They’re good in a rush, but the best thing for your skin is to use an oily remover for your eyes and a cream remover everywhere else,” he says. “Use lots of little circles before attempting to rinse off, otherwise you’ll be pulling on your skin.”

Image: vladimirfloyd/Fotolia