A 4-Step Sophisticate Look (Thanks, Camilla Belle)

Regardless of the fact that our lipstick might be killing us, photos like this of Camilla "Strong-Brow" Belle have us reaching for a brick red tube of the stuff and some eyebrow powder.

The last time our makeup look was inspired by another pretty lady, it had more to do with the easy, breezy nature of spare summer beauty. This time, in anticipation of the cooler temps and a crisp breeze, we can't help but fantasize about layering on the knits and the more made-up-makeup look that comes with.

Impactful but simple, there are four things to keep in mind for the look:

Flawless skin: Start with a matte base, which will even things out so the lips really pop. To make sure it's less The Craft and more sophisticate, sweep on a peach blush for warmth.

Brows, brows, brows: Ms. Belle has 'em naturally, but with tools Benefit offers via Gimme Brow, it's easy to replicate.

A thin black line: With lips and brows that strong, just the slightest thin line of black eye pencil should do it!

...and the lips! Creamy formulas will lend the right amount of sheen without going over the top glossy. Check out options from Bobbi Brown's Creamy Lip Color in Raisin Berry, and lip gel in Saboteur from Marc Jacobs.

Pro tip: Keep strong color from bleeding by dabbing concealer, or wonder-formulas like YSL's Touche Eclat, on the cupid's bow and underneath the lip.

This is a look that would go swimmingly with cocktail attire and Fisherman sweaters alike.