Get Ready For Lots More People Dating In The Nude

Look, I'm not saying that people who go on dates are entirely after one thing, but VH1 knows that people get horny, so why not just start things off in the flesh and eschew that sexual tension? Such is the thinking behind the bare-butt reality dating show. Entertainment Weekly reports that Dating Naked has been renewed for season two. Hooray! More first dates in the nude for everyone!

In case you missed out on this summer's naked romance phenomenon, the show is exactly what you think it is: two folks meet and go on dates, and they don't wear any clothes. Quell your curiosities forever! It is undeniably silly in its premise, but if you feel like putting on your sociological and/or anthropologist hat on, it poses a series of questions, like what happens if you know what someone looks like naked right from the get-go? Does this heighten the dating stakes or does it make it too easy? Or is it just plain old awkward, given the presence of a boner in the first season? And are boners — out of sexual context — actually awkward? Or just, you know, science? And does nude dating even work?

Apparently it does, as one of the couples that has formed from the first season will be joining together in holy naked matrimony on Dating Naked: The Wedding (actually — they may wear clothes for that big event). No word yet if the bridesmaids will be wearing — ahem — nude-colored dresses.

Image: VH1