Sir Ben Kingsley and Daniel Radcliffe Together?!

This movie just got a hell of a lot more awesome — Entertainment Weekly reports that Sir Ben Kingsley and Brie Larson will be joining Daniel Radcliffe in Brooklyn Bridge . Even cooler? They're going to play family members. So basically, this movie is creating your dream cinematic family.

In case you need to get up to speed, the movie will follow Washington Roebling (Radcliffe), the man who built the famous and stately Brooklyn Bridge. New Yorkers, rejoice! Daniel Radcliffe is bridging (pun intended) together two of your boroughs! Kingsley has signed on to play Robeling's father, John August Roebling. Brie Larson is attached to the project to play Radcliffe's husband. Apparently this ain't no ordinary wife role (hell yes!), as Elizabeth Warren Roebling defied societal norms and actually contributed to the bridge's construction after Washington Roebling suffered from some major injuries. So next time you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, you should think to yourself, a lady helped make this happen! This is a bridge for WOMEN!

Or, you can just think about how sweet this cast for this movie is going to be. Essentially, these three are teaming together to make one hell of a movie family.