Book Suggestions for this Week's Headline Makers

It's been a week of big news around the world. We've got a few book recommendations for headline makers when they have a chance to read up.

Antoinette Tuff, genius of compassion and calm, you convinced a man who walked into an Atlanta elementary school armed with an AK-47 assault rifle to surrender. Today, if we all just try to be a little bit more like you, we'll have a good day. In fact, right quick, please get going on writing a book. Here: How to Write A Book in a Weekend. We need ya, Antoinette!

Kristin Richmond and Kirsten Tobey, you are the founders of Revolution Foods, and your company wants to challenge Lunchables by selling more natural and nutritious meals-on-the-go for kids. Um, hello -- are you bored? Why are you trying to change the already-perfect cardboard pizza? If you're looking to jazz up your kid's meal, just have some fun and cook some hot dogs on a rake, as Amy Sedaris suggests in Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People .

Obama family, you welcomed the adorable Sunny into your home this week. There's been intense research and speculation to support the story that Sunny came from a Republican family in Michigan. If this is the case, I suggest you Give Your Dog A Second Chance for a First Class Life.

Get reading, friends. Bon weekend!