Yet Another Reason Why You Love J.Crew: E-Commerce

So, what makes a great e-commerce store? For one thing, you've gotta be sure that you can entrust the site with your credit or debit card information, but it's more than just fiscal safety. If you're going to run the risk of not trying on an item for the sake of convenience, you better be sure you're getting quality products and customer service. After all, you don't want to be stuck with those ill-fitting pants simply because an e-commerce store has a joke of a return policy, do you?

According to a recent survey, J.Crew is the top place to shop online, for their A-plus customer service and wide range of styles, sizes, and sale items. Who else topped the e-commerce charts? Well, L.L. Bean nabbed the number two spot, but, let's face it, probably you're not going to find your Friday night out look there. Below are four stylish and savvy e-commerce stores that are perfect for curling up into bed and shopping on.

1. Zara: Zara provides free shipping and return (amazing), and lets your return items in-store. This perk comes in handy for if you want to exchange a piece, rather than return it completely.

2. Nordstrom: Aside from having, you know, every designer available, Nordstrom has a 100 percent resolution rate for customer issues through phone calls.

3 .Net-A-Porter: If you're going to make a splurge before seeing an item, Net-A-Porter is your go-to. Not only do they box it up all pretty (yes, presentation matters), but their customer service is A-plus.

4. Sephora: Buying makeup online is tricky, but Sephora — and this should be a surprise to no one — has it down. The products can be organized by Editor's Picks and Most Popular, making it easy to find the products that really are worth your cash. Oh, and each purchase comes with a free gift. Who can complain about that?

Shopping this weekend, anyone?