9 Ways To Dress like a Feminist Disney Princess For Halloween

It seems like over the years, dressing up like a Disney princess for Halloween as an adult ends up falling into two distinct categories: going as a ridiculously sexy Disney princess, or dressing up as the I-spent-way-too-much-money-on-this-authentic-looking-costume Disney princess. Clearly, there have to be more options. Halloween is the one time of year we can dress up however we want. Disney princesses are bold, strong-willed, independent go-getters — why should we settle for anything less?

Because we know that you may not want to go with either of these two aforementioned categories, we've put together a visual guide to help you dress up like a Disney princess, feminist style. Embrace your inner Disney heroine, and deconstruct her personal style into a perfect Halloween costume you'll actually be excited to wear this year.

Image: Jennie Park/Flickr

by Hillary Eaton


Obviously, Jasmine is a boss. She has a pet tiger, rocks the harem pants, always stands up for what she thinks is right, and goes after what she wants for herself in life, which just so happens to be fairness for her subjects, and Aladdin. Two things we can get behind.

When channeling Jasmine, there are a few key pieces you have to remember: her jewelry, and her amazing pants. We say go for an easily re-usable pair in her signature blue, like these casual tie-dye harems ($86, Revolve Clothing). For jewelry, showcase Jasmine’s wild spirit by trading in her thick gold arm bands and earrings for a spiked ear cuff and studded bracelet. Pair that with a jeweled headpiece you can easily re-use on next year’s Coachella trip ($26, Etsy), and a blue shirt you can tie on the side, depending on how much midriff you feel like showing. You do you. Add a pair of sparkly sandals, and you’ve got this look down.

Image: Polyvore


Ariel’s fiery red hair, strong voice, and inquisitive spirit make her one of the most badass mermaids out there. Go as the Little Mermaid this Halloween by trading in the tail for some green trousers (these pants at JC Penney are perfect for your budget), and a structured modern purple top in place of the ol’ seashell bra. Complete the look by pairing it with some shell-themed jewelry, red lipstick, and a clip-on piece of red hair (should you need it) to drive the outfit on home.

Image: Polyvore

Snow White

Snow White’s adopted position as care-giver/maid to the seven dwarves is one we never really loved. With that in mind, when transforming into Snow White this Halloween, give her the backbone we always wished she had in the movie.

Forgo the skirt and opt for some yellow pants ($20, Asos). Pair that with a sleeve-less, blue collared shirt, and take out that red cape you’ve always been trying to find an outfit for. Slap on a bow and edgy black eyeliner, and you’re good to go. Oh, and Snow White doesn’t take apples from creepy strangers anymore, so forget a poison one and opt for a candied apple on a stick.

Image: Polyvore


Cinderella always held her head up high, even though her evil step-sisters constantly went out of their way to ruin her life. Which is just one of the reasons why she’s such an awesome Disney princess.

Take a different spin on Cinderella’s ball-gown with a shorter, less poofy alternative, like this short-sleeved number, and pair it with some long white gloves, Cinderella’s strangely ’90s-throwback black choker she wore to the ball, and a blue headband. Last but not least, you’ll need a glass slipper, which in this case would be a clear plastic combat boot ($20.99, Hot Topic), because, duh, they are awesome.

Image: Polyvore


Mulan’s ability to always look out for her friends and family is part of the reason why she makes such a strong heroine. That, and the fact that she didn’t let anyone tell her what she could and could not do as a woman.

Dress up like Mulan with a red dress, a thick fabric belt, and a colorful shawl to wrap around your shoulders. Stick some flower pins in the top of your bun, throw on some red lipstick, and finish the look with some dangling turquoise earrings.

Image: Polyvore


Belle is a smart, strong woman who doesn’t let anyone push her around, even a giant buffalo beast creature who keeps her locked up in a castle.

Pair a flowy A-line yellow dress (this one from H&M is perfect) with some yellow platform heels, and keep things as formal or informal as you want. Put on some gold earrings and your own personal version of ballroom gloves (we also like these lacy ones, $30, Etsy). Then pin a rose to your dress or wrist, put up half your hair as suited with some bobby pins, and stick a gold hair pin in your ‘do for your own personal take on Belle.

Image: Polyvore


Hardworking and dedicated, Tiana always pushes forward towards making her own dreams come true. If you’re going as Tiana this Halloween, we suggest de-froofing her gown by going with a more flowy version like this one (this ModCloth maxi works well too). Your ability to go through doorways will greatly increase. Pair it with a blue or teal colored necklace, and a green leafy crown (easily made at home by hot-gluing craft store plastic leaves to a headband). Last but not least, we suggest bringing some sort of frog along to complete the look, stuffed or otherwise.

Image: Polyvore


Pocahontas always stood up for what she thought was right, no matter who else she knew it would upset in the process, even if that meant her father, the chief, or her main man, John Smith.

When dressing up like Pocahontas, we say break down her short, one-shoulder dress into a shirt and long skirt combo (it is getting chilly out after all). Pair it with some short, beige booties, a turquoise necklace like the one from her mother, and replace her tattoo arm bands with some metal arm cuffs.

Image: Polyvore


Kind-hearted Aurora makes pink more badass than any other Disney princess. Sport pink, but lose the froof when dressing like Aurora this Halloween. Replace her earrings with a flowery ear-cuff in honor of her alias “Briar Rose,” and opt for a simple pink ballet flat.

Image: Polyvore