13 Whiskey Cocktail Recipes to Keep You Warm This Winter (Because It's Right Around The Corner)

Certain seasons bring out certain kinds of booze. And while the passing of summer meant saying goodbye to a season full of rosé and sangria, fall and winter bring with it a whole new host of beverages to enjoy that are equally as exciting and delicious — like whiskey cocktails.

So because we know staying warm is just as important as getting your drink fix (and sometimes, they're one in the same), we've compiled a list of cocktails made from one of the most deliciously warming liquors out there. Whether you're a fan of boozy Vietnamese Irish coffee, like to go the classic route with a Manhattan, or want something more adventurous to sip on like a chamomile honey-infused whiskey cocktail, look no further for your new signature winter sip. Cheers!

by Hillary Eaton

Whiskey Sour

You can never go wrong with a whiskey sour no matter what the season, and that goes double for winter. Try this recipe by Crepes of Wrath, and have one for us.

Image: Crepes of Wrath

Red Rover

Domestic Fits blends whiskey with tart citrus to create this perfectly balanced cocktail.

Image: Domestic Fits

The Mamie Taylor

Five and Spice goes the Southern route when it comes to whiskey, and we couldn’t approve more. Just mix rye whiskey, lime juice, and spicy ginger beer to create this cocktail.

Image: Five and Spice

The Red Hook

The Kitchn’s blend of sweet vermouth and whiskey work perfectly together to create a winter sip that’s not too heavy.

Image: The Kitchn

Plum Ginger Whiskey Sour

Spicy, warming ginger meets plum in A Spicy Perspective’s delicious take on the whiskey sour.

Image: A Spicy Perspective


Stay warm by nursing a classic like the Manhattan. Rye whiskey, vermouth, and a dash of bitters come together beautifully in this recipe by The Effortless Chic

Image: The Effortless Chic

Hot Toddy

Nothing fights off the cold weather like a hot whiskey drink. Try Back to her Roots’ take on the Hot Toddy, and keep yourself feeling snug all season.

Image: Back to her Roots

Old Fashioned

If you want to go old school, make like The Little Epicurean and try your hand at mixing an Old Fashioned.

Image: The Little Epicurean

The Steadfast

Bourbon mingles with bitters and maraschino cherry in this “Steadfast” cocktail from Crepes of Wrath.

Image: Crepes of Wrath

Chamomile Honey Whiskey Cocktail

A Cozy Kitchen goes the soothing route by combining honey and chamomile in this cozy whiskey cocktail.

Image: A Cozy Kitchen

Alpine Mud

Mint, bourbon, and chocolate milk may seem like an unlikely trio, but Offbeat + Inspired shows us that unlikely doesn’t mean it’s lacking in the deliciousness department.

Image: Offbeat + Inspired

Vietnamese Irish Coffee

Don’t pick between a coffee or a cocktail to keep warm. Have them both with I Am a Food Blog’s Vietnamese Irish coffee.

Image: I Am a Food Blog

Blood Orange and Bourbon

Blood orange and bourbon get along swimmingly in Love and Lemons‘ take on the whiskey cocktail. Not to mention, they’re lovely to look at. A win for all your senses.

Image: Love and Lemons