8 Best Brow Products of All Time

Seasoned beauty girls know the power of a great brow. Forget mascara, your desert island beauty essential should be your brow companion.

Brow enhancing products the ability to define your entire face (and it can double as an eyeliner as well, so win, win). Everyone's got their favorite technique — from shading with multi-tone powders to whip-on-in-a-flash gels, so whatever your brow product beat, here are the best of the best.

by Julia Teen


You may wonder why you need a separate highlighter for your brows, and it’s true: You could just use any highlight along your browbone to make it pop. But there’s something about the texture of Benefit High Brow that gives your face instant lift. Plus, it’s works amazingly to cover up any straggling hairs if you’re running late on a shaping session.

Benefit High Brow, $22, Check It Out

Brow Powder

Even as brow inventions get more and more high-tech, the humble powder will never go out of style. Trust brow queen Anastasia to come up with the best one, with smooth pigment and shades to match any conceivable tone.

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo, $23,

Growth Serum

We’re not all Cara Delevingne-level blessed in the brow stakes. This growth serum helps to speed that up, though, using an organic ingredient blend that helps to minimize hair loss and amp up the hair growth cycle. Use the fine tip to target areas of sparsity.

Browfood Phyto-Medic Eyebrow Enhancer, $71,

Slant Tweezers

Any old tweezers will probably work in a pinch, but for a seamless (and painless) experience, these precision slant tweezers will give you great brows, every time.

Precision Slant Tip Eyebrow Tweezers, $9,

Waterproof Pencil

This waterproof Stila is a godsend for those blessed with beautiful brows, but still have to fill in those small, niggling sparse patches. The ultra-fine pencil tip makes it easy to get into those tight spaces to fill in with ease.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color, $25,

All-Day Gel

Like the hold of a gel eyeliner, this brow gel is the ultimate product for an all-day hold. The angled brush makes it a cinch to apply either in full strokes down the length of your brow or in feathered strokes to mimic the natural hairs.

Cailyn Gelux Eyebrow Filler, $23,

Brow Gel

Gel is key with your brows, but the addition of clay in Tarte’s Clay Tinted Brow Gel takes it to another level. Use the precise brush to sweep the pigment behind the hairs for a natural finish, also sweeping your brows upward for a cool look.

Tarte Clay Tinted Brow Gel, $40,

Brow Sculptor

So, it’s a splurge, but in the best possible way. Tom Ford knows his way around a great brow, and his brow sculptor can’t be rivaled. The angled pencil allows you to work either a thick or thin stroke, and is easily blended for a natural finish with the attached brush.

Tom Ford Brow Sculptor, $62.98,