3 Reasons Potatoes Are Awesome For Your Skin

Before the smear campaign against gluten began, there was one versatile veggie that suffered some serious slander: the potato. Never mind the fact that potatoes are actually great for acne — their carb count made them evil. In 2002, I found myself working at a diner in Northwest Connecticut. It was one of the strangest places I had ever lived or worked. During 2002, fresh into a war, amidst investigations into the abuse of power by priests in the Catholic church, and the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart, the number one thing on everyone's mind in Windsted, CT was the Atkins Diet. Throughout my shifts, I took orders for greasy burgers with bacon dripping onto the plate, sans bun, and liver and onions with absolutely no trace of the baked potato that typically accompanied the dish. The freedom fries went stale each day because no one dared put carbs into their body. Potatoes were the true threat to our free nation.

Too much of anything can make our bods and skin suffer. Even too many beets can leave you doubled over in one of the worst stomach aches you'll ever have. A low carbohydrate diet can prevent breakouts, sure, but ditching carbs completely can leave your skin dull and dry. Fortunately, you can put these delicious crops all over your face and experience all the nutrients in potatoes without the bloating.

Potatoes have an incredibly high content of vitamin C, which is often used to maintain that youthful, toned glow. The starchiness of certain potatoes have a high water content that keeps skin feeling and looking hydrated. By fighting off harmful toxins, potatoes can help smooth fine lines, alleviate dark spots, and reduce inflammation from pimples and any sob-fest from the previous night that has left you with dark, puffy eyes.

Of course, binging on potato chips and French Onion dip will keep acne around long after your PMS cravings have left, instead it's important to introduce healthy carbohydrates in moderation into your routine. These recipes below will help your face get into shape without getting your body OUT of shape.

1. Under Eye Relief

Have you ever used an eye cream that reduces the puffiness under your eyes, but doesn't even attempt to get rid of the dark circles? I have and I have to say I looked better WITH the puffiness and darkness then just purple eyes. The potato is a natural skin lightener as well as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Rubbing cold slices of potato underneath your eye is a quick, cheap, AND effective way to look well-rested even when you are suffering from the most brutal of hangovers.

2. Zit Zapper

Your fall wardrobe is on point and you're feeling pretty amazing — until a huge pimple threatens to take it all away. A great way to take care of a blemish for good is to use cold (very cold) potato juice and mix with nutmeg. The inflammation and redness of your new zit is no match for this mixture. Put this on overnight or when you are chilling in your house for a few hours.

3. Brightening Astringent

After a seriously brutal breakout, you'll likely be left with major scarring that has you feeling even more self-conscious then the pimples did. Using a mixture of 3 parts potato juice and 1 part lemon juice, rub directly on the section of your face that is suffering from those pesky dark spots. This mixture should be used with caution, however, because it WILL lighten your skin tone.

Image: Chiot's Run, Libertarian Girl , Emily/Flickr; Giphy