Don't Worry, Milk Does Still Have Some Benefits

Aside from rum and cokes (stemming from horrific teenage drinking endeavors), the only beverage that you couldn't PAY me to drink is milk. Like most folks not in denial, I'm lactose intolerant. Those friendly "Got Milk" campaigns with their milk mustaches gross me out. While I've never been sold on milk being the healthiest drinks, I definitely never shied away from taking a milk bath. This bev may only bring horror to my insides when ingested, but milk is beneficial for hair and skin.

Just this past week, all the anti-milk protesting I did growing up were proven to maybe be a little bit legit. The British Medical Journal released a study stating that those of us that don't drink milk are actually LESS likely to develop osteoporosis and bone fractures due to the high levels of D-galactose sugar found in milk. I'm sure plenty of people are kicking themselves and their milk cartons to the curb after reading that the fatty beverage may not be helping, but before you join them, please put milk all over your body and hair.

One of Cleopatra's beauty secret, milk, has been attributed to her timeless skin. Milk, plentiful in vitamin C and vitamin D, increases our skins capacity to retain water and moisture which is key for that youthful glow. The lactic acid found in milk exfoliates the skin tenderly without the harshness of other exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin while removing dead cells. The hydroxy acid found in milk shrinks the size of pores, the appearance of wrinkles and smoothes those pesky lines that appear naturally with aging.

Of course, the hormones found in milk, even organic milk, can be potentially hazardous to your skin and body in large doses. Personally, I have my own crazy hormones to deal with and I can't be adding any more into my skin regimens. Fortunately for those that aren't exactly on board with cow's milk we can reap the same milky benefits for a glowing complexion and shiny hair with coconut milk. The best type of milk for those seeking milk benefits directly from a cow is raw milk which can be purchased in certain areas depending on your state laws.

The recipes below will not make you bloated and they will not increase your chances of breaking a leg on the dance floor. Use any lactic acid substitute or purchase the purest form of milk possible for clear, healthy skin, and hair.

1. Milk Bath

A milk bath can turn any mundane bathing experience into a spa-like experience. My favorite way to moisturize and hydrate my skin during the winter months is to add a cup of coconut or regular milk to my bath water with plenty of rose petals. This is especially great for anyone suffering from dry, flaky skin.

2. Milk Conditioner

All hair types crave protein, and milk can give those flimsy hair strands strength AND shine. Pour some milk into a spray bottle and leave it on damp hair for about 10 minutes.

3. Milk Cleanser

One of my favorite milk recipes for skincare is making a paste with milk and nutmeg. This mixture provides moisture while taking care of any skin irritation. While this mask soothes your face, it's going to reduce redness and inflammation from pimples.

Image: Ann Fischer, Tambako The Jaguar, Sara Lando, Pleuntje, Dennis Wong, Mislav Marahnic/Flickr; Giphy