Emma Watson Made This Ugly Shoe Look Really Cool

by Erin Mayer

If you've read my other work here on Bustle, you know I think the ugly-shoe trend is a whole lot of BS. But alas, ugly-as-heck shoes are totally in right now, which means lots of people who's style choices I normally respect have been sporting everything from Birkentocks to Tevas with socks. This list now includes Emma Watson, who wore slip-on loafers that are, indeed, quite ugly. The way she styled them, however, did actually make them work (sort of).

During a recent rip to LAX, Watson sported a pair of Tibi mules that are so hideous they actually make my eyes hurt if I look at them for too long, kind of like the sun. The rest of her outfit, which consisted of a roomy grey cashmere turtleneck from Joseph, cropped skinny trousers by The Row, a leather backpack, and Ray Ban Wayfarers, was cute enough to distract me from the unfortunate footwear, thus saving my eyesight from permanent damage.

Overall, the look is killer, especially for airport fashion. She could've opted for sweatpants or something, but instead she pulled out a chic black and grey ensemble that's was equal parts fashionable and cozy. While grey on grey on black is no match for Taylor Swift's cat robe, it sure beats a velour sweatsuit.

Those shoes though... I can't even with those shoes.