Emma Roberts Goes Even Blonder

Hair transformations are nothing new in the world of Hollywood. Celebrities change their hair so often that we can barely keep up (Kylie Jenner changed her hair yet AGAIN this week, shocker). This fall we've seen the emergence of the lob, deep red manes, chocolate hues and platinum locks. While the lob definitely dominated as the most coveted cut, platinum blonde shades seem to be popping up everywhere. Emma Roberts just went platinum blonde, making her the most recent celeb to go lighter, and debuting her makeover on Instagram this past week.

Usually as temperatures begin to drop, most people opt to go dark. This season however, many celebrities have decided to go in reverse and give us the unpredictable for a change. Remember when Lena Dunham was blonde for a hot second? Who could forget her Instagram of the shocking platinum-colored bowl cut... So in the spirit of the ever-changing starlet hairstyles, here are some celebrities who have gone platinum blonde for fall, even if it only lasted a millisecond.

1. Emma Roberts

2. Lena Dunham

3. Lauren Conrad

4. Zosia Mamet

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

5. Dakota Johnson