Cats + Makeup + Books... Does It Get Any Better?!

Umm... excuse me, but did someone mention makeup, cats, and books? Hello, I'm in. Hello Waffle, an indie makeup brand making the rounds on the blogsphere, Reddit, and Etsy, is basically the Internet's dream. A lover of all things pretty and kitty, Christine, the creator behind the brand, has just expanded the line, crafting a punny collection full of cats and classic literature — that's Catssic Literature, to you.

Named after Christine's cat, Waffle, and the most often spoken phrase in her household ("Hello, Waffle!"), this hidden-gem makeup brand finally has some goods based on its namesake. The products themselves are shimmery, pigment-packed eyeshadows in unique metallic, neutral, and bright hues that all offer a lovely, sparkly wash of color. But the ones that create the cutest fusion of cats and classic literature are the adorable showstoppers, here.

Named after classic books with a feline twist, all the shadows from Hello Waffle's Catssic Literature collection are wonderfully pretty and punny. The Great Catsby is an iridescent starry blue, strewn with flecks of gold. The Hisster Prynne is as scarlet and smoldering as that infamous letter A. And the Purr-ride and Purr-rejudice is a pretty flush of rose gold. All are absolutely purrfect (sorry.)

The packaging is just about the cutest thing I've seen all day, featuring feisty felines playing the role of the famous literary characters. And if that's not enough, Hello Waffle will soon release makeup bags that also spotlight the adorable Catssic Literature characters. I want it all right meow (again, sorry.)