Drew Barrymore Painted Her Nails On The Subway

Drew Barrymore has been having fun on Instagram. She snapped photos of a dropped ice cream cone, Ellen Degeneres hanging out with her adorable daughter, and — oh yeah — a casual picture of Drew Barrymore painting her nails on the subway. Guys, let’s be real here. Touching up our makeup on public transportation is one of those things we’ve all done, but flat out refuse to admit. Why did Drew Barrymore paint her nails on the Subway? It’s pretty rare to catch a celeb taking public transportation, much less putting on makeup anywhere besides a dressing room. Turns out, the stunt was to help promote her new FLOWER fragrance. You tricked us, Drew.

The new collection features three new scents that can be worn for pretty much any occasion. “Cherished” smells like vanilla, while “Radiant” is the earthy cousin of the trio, and “Sultry” can be spritzed on before a night out. The three scents are part of her FLOWER beauty collection, which is sold exclusively at Walmart.

Yeah, it’s easy for celebrities to botch a fragrance launch, but Drew Barrymore GETS it. She took the attention off herself and focused on the brand by designing chic, flower-top bottles that don’t have her name plastered all over the glass. She understands that not all scents should be worn to the office, so she creates three different ones, which means there’s never an excuse to not spritz on one of her scents. Plus, the collection starts at $9.98, so it’s affordable for everyone.

Oh, Drew. Please be my best friend. I’d totally be down with trying out your new fragrances and having a mani party — but maybe not on the subway.

Images: Getty, @drewbarrymore/Instagram, Kara McGrath