Is Miss Patina T. Swift's New Favorite Label?

Sometimes, despite the international fame and copious amounts of money thrown their way, celebrities prove they're just like us. Lately, Taylor Swift has been sporting affordable clothing items that make us all feel like maybe we could be Taylor Swift if we just shopped at Urban Outfitters enough (spoiler: that's not how this works). We've been tracking her every stylish move since we first noticed her carrying that one Aldo bag everywhere, and now it seems she has a new favorite label. Taylor Swift was spotted in Miss Patina's $100 tarten dress, and it's as cute as it is inexpensive.

Despite the fact her album 1989 sold over one million copies in its first week, the country pop singer has been watching her wallet when it comes to fashion. She's been spotted wearing the high-street label a few times before, as well as countless pieces from Urban Outfitters, and, of course, that Aldo bag. The long-sleeved plaid dress with a Peter Pan collar that Swift wore on a recent trip to Japan is so, so cute and perfect for fall. She paired the frock with black tights, coral lips, loafer pumps from & Other Stores, and her Aldo Frattapolesine purse.

I'm obsessed with this look, which straddles the line between grown-up and youthful, and is made all the better by the fact that each piece is within reach for someone with a freelance writer's budget. Will you be copying Taylor's cheap-chic ensemble?