Jamie Chung Just Went Full Wonder Woman

Guys, guys, guys. I'm super excited for Big Hero 6. And I got even more excited when I saw Jamie Chung at the Big Hero 6 premiere. I mean, come on — diverse superheroes in San Fransokyo? As an Asian-American Disney fan who was born in San Francisco, I can totally get behind it — and I know that as a kid I would have been completely obsessed with it. I had a Mulan-themed birthday party when I was seven, and went as her for Halloween three months later. I also flipped out the first time I saw Pocahontas because I thought she looked like me (she doesn't, for the record. I should be so lucky to have cheekbones like that. It was more her skin/hair color that made me a fan).

I guess what I'm trying to say (in my millenial, navel-gazing way) is "Yay, representation within the all-encompassaing superhero genre!!" As such, I'm especially excited for Jamie Chung, because of all the little girls who will look up to GoGo Tomago.

And guess what? She completely killed at the Los Angeles premiere: she wore a star-spangled Diane von Furstenberg gown that looks like something straight out of Wonder Woman's closet (I love when celebs dress on theme at their premieres). Luckily, she kept things from going too on-the-nose comic book by pairing it with her signature ombré 'do, which was nicely boho'd up for the occasion with some well-placed braids and hair ornamentation. Add that to the dress' sheer cap sleeves, plunging neckline, and daring leg slit, and you've got yourself an ensemble that works on both a Wonder Woman level and a fashion darling level.

Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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