You Can Actually Buy Prince's Crazy Sunglasses

Too bad Halloween is over, because I have the perfect addition to the Chill Hipster Cyclops costume you couldn't get together in time. Introducing Coco & Breezy's triple lens "3rd Eyeglass" sunnies, created at the behest of Prince (you know, "the artist formerly known as..."). Cyclops sunglasses are about to become a thing.

Here's the deal: Prince sported a pair of sunglasses with an extra lens for a recent Saturday Night Live appearance. The artist had commissioned Coco & Breezy to bring the illustrated three-lens sunglasses on the cover of his new album Art Official Girl to life and soon you'll be able to get your hands on a pair of your very own. What? You haven't always wanted third-eye sunglasses designed by Prince? What is wrong with you???

I probably won't buy a pair of these because I only have two eyes and do not assume that I can pull off anything that Prince has worn, but, if you're interested, the "3rd Eyeglass" will be available for pre-order soon. And they are pretty cool. One color way features blue metallic lenses, which just seems par for the course when channeling a cyclops, if you ask me.

So, what do you say? Are three eyes the new two eyes?

Image: NBC/Hulu